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Borgfest occurs year round via our Facebook community, Twitter, Tumblr, Meet Ups, and of course, the festival itself.  Borgfest events build our community and help raise funds for the main festival.   Subscribe to our Updates email list for event announcements, special invitations, and information on how to obtain access codes to enter the restricted-entry district of Borgtown, Austin Texas.

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Events We’re Cooking for 2015-2016 (View List of Confirmed Events)

  • Seeing: The Future.  How VR, AR, machine vision, and remote-vision (dronevision, telepresence, and surveillance) are changing how we see and think about seeing.  Coordinator: Rich MacKinnon. Sponsorship: Available.
  • Cyborg Law.  Legal panel on various topics ranging from a response to the Yale Symposium on Personhood Rights for Non-humans, to the ethics of non-therapeutic and performance enhancing human augmentation.  Coordinator:  Boyce Cabaniss, Graves Dougherty Hearon & Moody.  Date: TBD.   Sponsorship: Available.
  • Cyborg Camp.  Coordinator:  Amber Case.  Tentative date: Fall 2015.  Sponsorship: Available. 
  • 3D prosthetic hand printing.  Coordinator: Aaron Haley.  Tentative date: Fall 2015.  Sponsorship: Available.
  • Cyborg Fashion Show featuring bands Chasca, Sciborg and the Robopimps, and Rubber Robot.  Coordinator: Sam Alexander.  Date: TBD.   Sponsorship: Available.
  • Austin BodyHacking Conference.  Coordinator: Trevor Goodman.  Date: February 19-21, 2016.  Sponsorship: Available. [Details forthcoming]
  • Medtech Maker: impatient inventor patients–a design sprint for the inventors and entrepreneurs who literally can’t wait for the health tech industry to solve their problems for them.  Coordinator:  Jesse Kinbarovsky.  Sponsorship: Available.
  • Game of Drones:  FPV drone racing, drone battle (sumo and disable), and EEG (mind-control!) challenge, drone Dodgeball, drone piñata (like in Star Wars), AI challenge and more!  Coordinator:  Dave Santilena. Sponsorship: Available.
  • Sci-fi and the real cyborgs among us:  A discussion of science fiction’s greatest cyborgs and how they’ve shaped the evolution of the real world cyborgs among us. Coordinator: Michael Rough.  Sponsorship: Available.
  • πK transambulation for all manner of people and things that move, fly, or otherwise traverse space.  The most creative 3K ever!  (Actually, ~3.14159K).  Volunteer position available.  Sponsorship: Available.

Have an idea for an event in your city?  Want to help coordinate or sponsor an event?  Contact info at Borgfest dot com.

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