Borgfest @ Wearable Wednesday: Exoskeletons and Robotic Limbs

WWEDWhat: Borgfest @ Wearable Wednesday: Exoskeletons and Robotic Limbs

When: April 22, 6-10pm

Where: AT&T Labs (Tickets Required via Eventbrite)

EXOSKELETONS AND ROBOTIC LIMBS!  At the Social Robot Social, we will get to interact with robots as independents, two days later, we’ll get to see robots become a part of our bodies.  Join us as we team up again with Wearable Wednesday to bring you another episode of extreme wearables at the Austin outpost of the world-famous AT&T Labs!

Extreme Wearables:  Exoskeletons and Robotic Limbs

Real-world demonstration of technology inspired by and featured in sci-fi like Robocop, Star Wars, Alien, Elysium, Edge of Tomorrow.


6:00PM – Networking and Demos (Event Sponsorship Available)

6:45PM – Introduction by Rich MacKinnon, Wearable World Ambassador, founder and executive director of Borgfest.

6:50PM – Speakers, Presentations, and Q&A moderated by Rich MacKinnon.

8:35PM – Wrap Up, Feedback, and Announcements

8:50PM – After-Party (demos continue)

10:00PM – Good night!

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About our presenters

R-ARMMatt Nojoomi, lead developer, r.ARM. As both an engineer and an entrepreneur, Matthew aims to commercialize the r.ARM: Robotic Assistive Reaching Mechanism. The r.ARM is a low-cost, safe, and portable robotic reaching aid for wheelchair bound patients. His presentation will walk through the story behind the development of the r.ARM, its impact on a young man’s life, and its future as the first affordable robotic reaching aid.


reneu-RRE2_thumbAshish D. Deshpande is an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Texas since 2011.  Dr. Deshpande directs the Rehabilitation and Neuromuscular (ReNeu) Robotics Lab. The Lab focuses on the development of robotic devices, based on biomechanical analyses, to assist in rehabilitation, to improve prostheses design, and to provide fitness opportunities for the severely disabled. The study of underlying mechanisms of human movement control through human subject experiments and mathematical modeling is another major research area in the ReNeu Robotic Lab.

The ReNeu Robotics Lab has a special interest in the study of hands, and is currently developing robotic hands for prosthetic and rehabilitation applications, and conducting human subject studies for an improved understanding of human hand biomechanics and control.

rewalk-deviceAndy McCord has been licensed as a Physical Therapist in Texas since 2001 after receiving a MSPT degree from Texas Woman’s University. He also holds a degree in Marketing from Texas Christian University. Andy is currently the South Central Business Development Manager for ReWalk Robotics. In this capacity he sells and trains clinicians, technicians, and patients on how to properly assess and operate the ReWalk exoskeleton device. Andy also has 9 years experience selling DME and OR devices, which also included training therapist, nurses, surgeons, and other staff on the safe and effective use of the devices.

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