SXSW for Cyborgs

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Wearable is the unofficial theme of SXSW Interactive 2014.  Borgfest will be there sporting our fantastic face rig acquired from CyberDog while in London for the CyberSalon on Human Enhancement Technologies.  More on that later.  Already, our face rig has captured the attention of quite a few Google Glass wearers.  The most common question asked, “Does it work?”  While we understand the curiosity, we believe the emerging cyborg etiquette frowns upon such questions among strangers or even casual acquaintances.  Would you consider asking a woman with a breast modification, “Does it work?”  Or perhaps approaching a stranger with an elaborate inking, “What does it mean?”  Or maybe asking someone on the street, “Are you female?”  Curiosity is terrific, but in the new emerging cyborg culture, we should be aware of emerging sensibilities, that in retrospect, may not be so new after all.

Here’s our #sxsw4cyborgs schedule:

Also, we’ll be posting pics and commentary to Twitter and Tumblr

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